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Pricing Analysis of 59 Special Purpose Properties

Location: Across the United States

Client Needs:
In 2014, RECI was hired by a Fortune 500 company to prepare a pricing analysis of 59 corporately owned buildings. These buildings housed one of the companyís several lines of business that were being sold to allow the company to redeploy its capital on its other core businesses. A primary goal of this client was for RECI to complete its analysis within 14 days, which was accomplished.

RECI was engaged because of the experience of its principals and senior staff in analyzing and valuing national real estate portfolios of all types. In fact, RECIís principals have considerable experience performing acquisition, due diligence, and valuations on a large portfolios of industrial, retail, office, apartment and special purpose properties. RECI maintains an in-depth understanding of the market and tenancy dynamics of these assets.

RECI was tasked with collecting all property and zoning classification information from public records and supplementing that information with demographic and economic data available from our national databases. Recent land sales and improved property sales were extracted from our national sales databases in each of the 24 respective markets and included in the analysis. We also prepared a replacement cost analysis for each of the 59 properties. Site visits were performed on approximately 50% of the properties. As a result of our research and analysis, the client was provided with our estimates of what the properties would likely sell for in view of current demand/supply and investment market conditions in the 20+ markets. We were successful in meeting the clientís required delivery date for our report. We continue to support this client with other research and valuation work in several markets across the country.