reci, real estate counselors international inc

Frequenty Asked Questions


Does RECI specialize?
Yes. In the sense that we are continually involved in solving complex real estate problems covering all areas of commercial real estate.

What about your involvement in the areas of brokerage, leasing, management, or other types of representation?
In special instances, RECI has an affiliate company that does brokerage and ownership representation. However, we do not work in the areas of leasing or property management.

What geographic areas do you work in?
Over the years we have completed assignments in almost all 50 of the United States and off-shore.

How about foreign assignments?
We have worked for many global companies that have U.S. holdings or who are interested in our markets.

What makes RECI different from the rest?
Our core strength.
1) RECI’s long experience.
2) Our partners are business people.
3) RECI’s desire to learn, be objective and not be “yes” people.
4) Our main focus in on your investment goal.

What types of innovations are currently unfolding in real estate consulting? How will RECI use these innovations on my project?
We combine extensive market experience with cutting-edge computer technology to provide accurate answers covering the most sophisticated and challenging real estate problems.